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LATITUDE @ River Valley

In true form and given their extended career backgrounds in China, both Mr Sum (a Business Consultant for MNCs) and his spouse, Madam Sylvia decided to make their 4-room condominium apartment at Jalan Mutiara, a tasteful gallery of Oriental artifacts. Of particular interest, the couple’s initial plan was only to perform a basic makeover of the unit and then put […]

33 Jalan Mutiara5877

23 Terrasse Lane

They say having a neutral colour theme for your home is almost always a safe bet because basics can’t go wrong. The interior of this plush duplex apartment unit creates a unique atmosphere built on a modern resort tranquillity and elegance, with stark contrasts between a dark brown marble (varied with a jade-like appearance) and white accent being the centre […]

23 Terrasse Lane_01