21 Sengkang East Ave, Austville Residences

When Edwin and Cindy became owners of the condominium unit at Austville Residences along Sengkang East Avenue, they had big plans and intent to create a modern but unique looking living space within their new home.

Anxiously in need of a new make-over, they decided that Ron Foo, the Creative Director of JSR Design Works Pte Ltd would be the right man for the job. Upon taking up the project, his primary task was to first listen carefully to what the clients wanted.

21 sengkang east ave living room 3

During the initial stages of fact finding, a lot of brainstorming sessions and discussions took place. Being homeowners, naturally Edwin and Cindy had a lot of exciting design ideas in mind. Good thing was they received a lot of professional advice and practical ideas from Ron throughout the entire consultation process.

21 sengkang east ave living room 2

Using an advanced proprietary design program, where they could immediately see an array of designs presented to them on a computer, they were simply charmed and settled on using their initials SEC, imposed on the TV feature wall at the living area.

Being an old-hand in the industry, Ron presented an ultra-modern themed design with black and white accents, textures and distinctive lines to transform the space into a remarkable blend of art and design mastery.

21 sengkang east ave living room 4

Upon entering the house, you are instantly greeted by its stunning contrasts and clever engineering. The eye-catching massive stretch of gloss laminated feature wall shouts boldness. Futuristic compositions and blue ceiling lights infuse the living area to create a chic and lounge-like feel, adding a Space Odyssey character from the hallway into the living area; a superb element that injects drama and garners attention as a conversational piece

The result – Both Edwin and Cindy were overjoyed of the outcome. It made them proud owners of an exceptional and uniquely designed home.

21 sengkang east ave room 5 & 6

JSR Design Works Pte Ltd is dedicated to create a unique lifestyle experience for our clients.

Being a full-service Design & Build professional firm and the proud recipient of a long list of notable awards, the firm’s ethos has always been to deliver inspirational interiors for the way the client wants to live in. Our focus is to understand and interpret the client’s lifestyle needs, thus delivering outstanding designs to reflect every client’s personality, tastes and aspirations.

Project Details

Location – 21 Sengkang East Ave, Austville Residences

Property Type – Condominium

Floor Area – Less than 1000sqf.

Project Type – Living Area

Cost – $40k

Client(s) – Edwin and Cindy