A Modern Scandinavian Design Home in Skyville @ Dawson

Mention the word “Scandinavian Design” and one would likely receive “oohs” in response from many homeowners in Singapore.

The Nordic design principle (which took the world by storm in 1947 at a design exhibition in the Italian city of Milan), have since then, grown into a strong following among homeowners worldwide because of its beautiful, functional and clean designs.


Coming from humble families, both Syafina and Rizal wanted a simplistic but yet cosy abode for their 4-room HDB flat at the Skyville located at Dawson road. Interestingly, they share a common perspective that the “Scandi” design is very much a recipe for happiness.

When senior interior designer – Ritz J. San Buenaventura from JSR Design & Renovation met them to present her design proposal, her simple chic and fuss-free Scandinavian style won the couple over.

In the words of this feisty and go-getting artisan, simplicity really is the mantra of modern Scandinavian design.


Upon taking on the project, Ritz’s key focus was to prioritise function without sacrificing aesthetics. Thus, she used furniture pieces that sport simple and clean lines to bring out sophisticated elegance but do not compromise on comfort.

Next, she shaped the design sensibilities of Nordic Europe into the interiors with brick walls, accompanied by plenty of white, resulting in spaces suffused with light, airiness and a feeling of serenity.

To add cosiness and warmth that is often seen in modern Scandinavian designs, she used natural wood elements for fabricated items such as shelves, storage and the kitchen cabinets.


Amid the interesting highlights are smooth lines and how the designer squeezes optimal function out from every part of the décor, rebelled against a cold and almost clinical minimalist look.

The carefully curated style enlightens the apartment, thus exuding maximum style with minimum fuss.


Every renovation project has its challenges, and this assignment was no different.

In order to complete the renovation work on time with minimal defects, tasks delegation and coordination with the respective craftsmen (responsible for each work phase) had to turn with clockwork precision.

Ritz and the team performed superbly and trounced all obstacles that cropped up during the course of work.



Getting the client involved in the design journey has always been a fun and personal touch for the team of JSR Design. Throughout the project, frequent engagements between the JSR Design team and the client were upbeat and often times, both parties came up with new and creative ideas.

For example, there were moments when Syafina and Rizal suggested having a full height black chalkboard in the kitchen to spice things up a little. In addition, with keen eyes for details, their choice of furniture and décor contributed to the success story of the project.

All photos provided by Syafina & Rizal.

Project Details

Location – Blk 88 Skyville @ Dawson
Property Type – New BTO 4-room
Floor Area – 1,160 sqft
Project Type – Whole Unit
Cost – $20k
Client(s) – Syafina & Rizal