A Stylish Minimalist Home With Animated Ambiance

“The transformation from a bare unit to our ideal home was a unique & remarkable experience for us.”

For homeowners Zhi Bin and Sylvia, performing a dramatic makeover to their 4-room BTO flat with a sophisticated touch of minimalistic design was already on their mind, months before they even moved in.

Right from the beginning, the couple decided they would settle for an experienced interior design and renovation firm to take on the entire makeover project for their new abode at Punggol Drive. After going through several meetings with Ron and Ritz from JSR Design Works Pte Ltd, the team was clearly their choice.

One need not be in tune with the finer details of interior design to appreciate the sublime charm of this couple’s completed home. Both the interior designers not only utilised creativity effectively to build an intriguing space for their client, they also furnished the home with a touch of stylish and yet animated ambiance that’s perfectly balanced with an air of minimalist simplicity.

Living Area

667B Punggol Drive2347

Decked in glazed homogenous floor tiles, the white floor surface creates a clean contemporary effect for the house. The living room greet visitors and the owners with an unfussy yet luxurious modern space clad in its contrasting palette of white and grey hues.

The JSR Design team realized the owners’ idea of fabricating a large i-pad fixture over the flat screen TV (the main draw) on its dark grey feature wall. It is finished with suspended sliding storage compartments, blue recessed lighting and laminate cabinetry, thus boasting a flashy modern style to harmonise with the rest of the colourful home furnishings.

Dining Area

667B Punggol Drive Dining

As a continuation of the design ethos at the living room, Ron had a large mirror embellished the wall with the subtle purpose of creating an illusion of spaciousness.

Whereas Ritz (together with Zhibin & Sylvia) injected a whiff of modernity and playfulness by having turquoise and red coloured chairs alongside the dining table, enabling the couple to also enjoy their favourite programmes while dining in.


667B Punggol Drive Kitchen

Already a signature of the firm, Ron and his team would take their client(s) on a unique journey – proactively engaging them throughout the planning and designing phases. The couple wanted a uniquely designed kitchen and thus enthusiastically shared with the team their minimalistic approach for the kitchen.

Adhering to the intended theme, the designers dressed the kitchen cabinets in wide grained wood and white surfaces. Italian made KOMPACPLUS panels were used for the kitchen tops to instil both character and distinctive features into its entirety. Then, they made the wall backings and cabinetry lamination blend in with the panels so as to achieve a seamless look.

Despite having made many changes and a fair amount of time spent, the designers delivered the results by balancing the client’s preference and practicality. Case in point, although the owners did not want a built-in cooking hob, the team made provisions to accommodate this should they have a need for it in the future.

Master Bedroom

667B Punggol Drive Master Bedroom

The couple’s bedroom is a showstopper. Inspired by an abundance of greenery and the Punggol river next to the residential estate, both interior designers created cute looking garden themed decals to spice up the wardrobe, which also serves as a divider for privacy. This created an interesting caricature-filled walkway between the bedroom and bathroom space.

Study Room

667B Punggol Drive Study 01

As Sylvia wanted their study room to colour up with a difference, Ron and Ritz decided to give the walls and ceiling a pastel blue hue – exuding a soft yet lively ambiance. Knowing that the couple are cat lovers, the team again made efforts to fabricate laser cut decals to brandish a collage of cats and greenery adding intrigue to its walls.

The custom built low-profile day bed (with a nice window view) is a simple affair made special by the matching blue accent, flushed stowage compartments, floating bedside study table and suspended cabinets, creating a visual focus for the room.

Of interest, Ron mounted Eubiq power tracks above the study table (and around the whole house) to give props to the unobtrusiveness it provides. This uniquely designed power outlet system does away with unsightly wire trunking and thus projecting a sleek vibe for the home’s interior.

667B Punggol Drive Study 02

JSR Design & Renovations Pte Ltd is dedicated to create a unique lifestyle experience for our clients.

Being a full-service Design & Build professional firm and the proud recipient of a long list of notable awards, the firm’s ethos has always been to deliver inspirational interiors for the way the client wants to live in. Our focus is to understand and interpret the client’s lifestyle needs, thus delivering outstanding designs to reflect every client’s personality, tastes and aspirations.

Project Details

Location – Blk 667B Punggol Drive
Property Type – New BTO 4-Room
Floor Area – Approximately 1,000 sqft.
Project Type – Whole Unit
Cost – $35k
Client(s) – Zhi Bin & Sylvia