Top Budget-HDB Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Looking for a renovation contractor Singapore that fills your needs without bleeding you dry? Want someone who will work with you to really make your house feel like a home? Need a personal touch and attention to detail?? Welcome aboard! We tick all your checkboxes and more! But first, let’s figure out what you really want out of a contractor: […]

House Renovation In Singapore – Do’s And Don’ts!

Looking for a professional for your kitchen and toilet renovation? Don’t have an exact plan ready? Need to figure out the importance of each area and tips for the best results? You just hit the jackpot! Let’s be Specific in this article! What do you need to figure out first? Before you start pouring money into anything. You need to […]

Kitchen and toilet renovation package Singapore

What Makes the Top Interior Designers in Singapore So Good?

When you’ve lived in the same home for a while, it can be easy for it start feeling a little stale and a touch dull. When that happens, it’s only natural that you would want to make changes and try to improve how the building looks. However, to do that, you either need plenty of creative skills or the desire […]

Why Should I Trust Recommended Renovation Contractors in Singapore?

When you are in the middle of preparing for a renovation job in Singapore, it’s likely that you will want to hire a renovation contractor. Taking on a job with such specific needs and requirements is not something that we would recommend you do if you are lacking the skills needed for a full renovation. If you worry that you […]

What Helps When Hiring Good Carpenters in Singapore?

When you want to hire a carpenter, the sheer amount of information that you need to make a decision can be quite confusing. With so much to think about when you hire a carpenter, you can spend more time than you want considering what matters and what does not. If you would like to speed up the process and hire […]

JSR Design & Renovation Recognised in Design Excellence Awards Singapore

For outstanding design work done for our client at the Austville Residences, the JSR Design & Renovation team is honoured to be a recipient of the merit award from the Design Excellence Awards Singapore! The Design Excellence Awards (DEA) Singapore is a major event organised by the Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS) annually, to recognise and endorse the achievements of […]

Savour The Modern Contemporary Design Style – The Palette

It’s not uncommon for misconceptions to occur when a handful homeowners think modern contemporary design styles for their homes. But for Sharon Hoh, a Design Consultant with JSR Design & Renovation (who also happens to be an abstract artisan), the world of the modern contemporary is an invigorating yet, beautiful way of unfolding interior spaces that combines excitement, creativity and […]


A Modern Scandinavian Design Home in Skyville @ Dawson

Mention the word “Scandinavian Design” and one would likely receive “oohs” in response from many homeowners in Singapore. The Nordic design principle (which took the world by storm in 1947 at a design exhibition in the Italian city of Milan), have since then, grown into a strong following among homeowners worldwide because of its beautiful, functional and clean designs. Coming […]

A Modern Scandinavian Design

The Origami Design and Resort Fusion Penthouse

Being busy professionals in the aerospace industry, Iris and Lam explored ways to save the hassle of designing their newly purchased penthouse home. The couple embarked on their quest to find an Interior Designer who would fit the bill but did not had much luck until they met Ron (Creative Director) from JSR Design Works Pte Ltd. Like most homeowners, […]


4 Simple Home Renovation Rules For Owners

When you first move into your new property, you’re always anxious to put your own personal touches on it. The plain walls in the hallway may not cut it for you or you can’t wait to replace the dull looking flooring with sleek vinyl flooring with a wood accent. Before you get to work making the changes, you should first […]

4 Simple Home Renovation Rules For Owners

How to Work With an Interior Design Firm

If you have decided to go ahead with an Interior Design Firm to take on your home renovation, it need not be challenging as it may make out to be. If you have done your homework and hire an accredited renovation professional with a good reputation, you can be rest assured that it will be largely smooth sailing and stress-free. […]

Work With an Interior Design Firm

10 Tips from Our Interior Designers to Better Your Home

If you’re looking for the best insider secrets from top Interior designers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled the best 10 tips from our interior designers to help you make your home look awesome! 1. Keep Furniture Away from the Walls Although it seems backwards, when you push your furniture right up against the walls it makes the […]

Tips from Our Interior Designers to Better Your Home

Heartland Talk – Care for Your Home & the Environment

At the recent Heartland Talk event that was organised by the HDB, of the 175 participants who attended the talk, over 90% of the audience gave a positive rating to Ron’s talk touching on the various concepts of Interior Design. Kudos and well done! We will definitely look forward to the next event. Ron Foo (Creative Director of JSR Design) […]

Heartland Talk - Care for Your Home & the Environment

JSR Shares Interior Design Concepts at Heartland Talk by HDB

On 30th April (Saturday) 2016, Ron Foo (Creative Director) appeared as a guest speaker at the ‘Heartland Talk’ event organised by the HDB. During the event, Ron introduced and explained the different types of Interior Design concepts to an audience of homeowners. Watch the videos below to get more insights of his talk. Part 1 of the video Part 2 […]

JSR Shares Interior Design Concepts at Heartland Talk by HDB