House Renovation In Singapore – Do’s And Don’ts!

Looking for a professional for your kitchen and toilet renovation?

Don’t have an exact plan ready?

Need to figure out the importance of each area and tips for the best results?

You just hit the jackpot!

Let’s be Specific in this article!

What do you need to figure out first?

Before you start pouring money into anything. You need to be super specific about your goal. Answer these questions before you start spending:

  • How long do you want to live in this property yourself?
  • Do you plan on selling or just keeping it for a long time?
  • What’s the location like and what are the area’s prospects?
  • If you had to sell, what kind of person would be the perfect person to sell this to?
  • If you could do just 1 thing to increase the property’s value of functionality, what would you do?
  • If you could only renovate only 1 room, which one would you renovate?

This kind of an introspective discussion exercise really helps clear up why you are doing this and exactly what you want out of it. This is the first step to being explicit about what you want so the path is clear and the deliverables are exact.

Setting Realistic Expectations

We definitely want the best product for the best price. But what will it actually cost to get exactly what we want? You need to write down a long list of everything you would like to have done, then rank orders them in order of importance. When you have an estimate of what each of these would cost. It will become super easy to figure out what’s most important. And whether you really have the budget needed or you need to compromise on some luxuries.

Context and Purpose

Once you know exactly what you want: (you can always discuss this with us and we can figure it out together! ) things start getting interesting!

Now let’s have a look at the houses around you and the kind of people that live there. Is there anything specifically unattractive about this area? Maybe you’ve lived here for a long time and just gotten used to it, or maybe one of the neighbors can tell you about it.  Let’s assume you want to rent it out and then one day sell it as well. So you want to maximize both living utility and the increase in property value under this renovation project.

Here’s what that looks like: You want your home to stand out from the homes nearby because it’s better. So you can get a better price. But you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount which you won’t be able to recover.

The living area is useful but doesn’t have to have too many features in it to be practically useful. So while you should definitely make it look appealing, you probably don’t have to go bankrupt to fix the living area.

Personal rooms should be treated as exactly that: Personal! Yes, you want them to have a classy look and a serene feel to them. But you need to leave room for the occupant’s personality. They should be able to come in and make the place their own.

Any person who lives in a rented home knows that the most irritating issues arise in the kitchen or the toilets. Because the toilets need to be made to be waterproof in every aspect. Even a small leak or faulty faucet will be a major annoyance for a renter.

Kitchens are where a lot of time is spent. Unless it is well-designed even a small flaw will feel like it is major. So if there’s one place you need to think about in detail. It’ probably the kitchen. Someone who doesn’t spend time in the kitchen regularly may not be the best person to specify the requirements and common points which need to be considered during the design phase.

Kitchen and Toilet Renovation in Singapore

So let’s dig in and figure out why these areas really matter. Most people have hectic job schedules and don’t really have the time to deal with minor home maintenance issues.  That’ why anything that’s functional in a home must be of the highest quality and reliability.

Imagine you had to drive to work daily, would you choose a car that breaks down once a week every week?

In the renovation, you could use slightly cheaper materials but at what cost? You want to be tension free that you won’t have to worry about the little functional things for at least a couple of years. These marginally extra costs are actually the price of your convenience and peace of mind. We recommend that if you can afford it, then definitely go for it.

Best Value for Money in Renovations

Let’s be crude. You shouldn’t be spending money that isn’t going to add to your property’s value. So here’s the bottom line: You probably can’t get a higher Return On Investment (ROI) then when you renovate toilets and kitchens well.

People now like to take long baths and use cooking as a relaxation technique. In any case, these are places that they have to interact with multiple times a day and they can’t afford to not use them for a couple of days. Because of this, they are the highest value targets for a house renovation. If you can truly blow people away ut how intuitive and brilliant these areas are. You just might have a chance at getting higher than the average cost of a similar home in the same area.