23 Terrasse Lane

They say having a neutral colour theme for your home is almost always a safe bet because basics can’t go wrong.

The interior of this plush duplex apartment unit creates a unique atmosphere built on a modern resort tranquillity and elegance, with stark contrasts between a dark brown marble (varied with a jade-like appearance) and white accent being the centre of energy.

23 Terrasse Lane_02

The owners – Julia and Michael are a couple in their late 30s. Before any work commenced, they told both interior designers – Ron and Ritz from the JSR Design team, that a loud and classy look for their apartment was a priority, and they wanted a stylish living space without a lived-in domestic atmosphere.

Given their requests, both Ron (Founder & Creative Director) and Ritz (Designer) first thoughts were to avoid monotonous designs. The interior design and renovation contractor thus made the most out of an artistically lethal concoction of design, furniture and fixtures.

23 Terrasse Lane_04

In the living room, the feature TV console and walls next to the dining area are enveloped with dark brown marbled walls which makes the suspended darker essence shelves, cabinets and white furniture stand out very nicely. The entire flooring within the residence is made up of large slabs of glossy white tiles – portraying an impression of spaciousness.

23 Terrasse Lane_03

Cove lights installed on ceilings enhanced the organic texture of the featured stone walls, and panels of tinted mirrors were added to fortify its elegance. Due to space constraints, design considerations were given to the dining table and the dark quartz table top, customised with a plant tray, so as to maximise the area and cleverly blend in with the stone wall panel and its tinted mirrors.

23 Terrasse Lane_05

In the master bedroom, a black flat screen TV adds a sleek feel, matching well with the walls that are symmetrically panelled with grey floral motifs – accompanied by purple coloured cushion paddings (similar to the MBR headboard), with an over-hanging chandelier, thus giving the entire room a graceful sense of royalty.

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Project Details

Location – 23 Terrasse Lane
Property Type – Condominium
Floor Area – Duplex unit approximately 2,000sqf.
Project Type – Living Area & Master Bedroom
Cost – $40k
Client(s) – Julia & Michael