427 Yishun Ave 11

Just as award-winning Interior Designer, Trip Haenisch once shared his thoughts “Less is more. Texture is essential as well as scale.” That’s exactly what you’d see in this 4-room HDB resale flat that is located at Yishun Ave 11.

427 Yishun Ave 11 - 4

Its owner Evelyn Soh, purchased this 20 odd year-old flat with the intention of having her mom live with them under one roof. When Evelyn and her sister Andrea, met up with Ron Foo, the Creative Director of JSR Design Works Pte Ltd, both siblings made it known of their affection for stucco walls, clean lines and the inviting atmosphere of Scandinavian homes.

427 Yishun Ave 11 - 1

Andrea, who was also an Interior Designer in her previous career, understood clearly what they wanted right from the beginning. This said, the JSR design team started their endeavour by listening to what their client’s preferences were, drew up the concept and then executed their ideas into reality.

427 Yishun Ave 11 - 8

Scandinavian themed homes is popular for its modern feel. Ron, who leads the JSR design team is well aware that the signature trademark would be its clean-lined furnishings, bright interiors and wooden details, combined to create a look that is both contemporary and rustic.

Initially, the client wanted to hack and remove the entire flooring due to its wear and tear over the years. After several rounds of discussion and space planning, Ron suggested to keep a tighter rein on costs. Thus, an unanimous decision was reached, to overlay the house with vinyl flooring instead of wasting money to hack away the old one.

Additionally, he also retained all the doors within, and invigorated them with new trimmings and fresh coats of colour, so they would blend in well with the Scandinavian look.

427 Yishun Ave 11 - 3

Once the renovation works began, the JSR design team rolled up their sleeves and characterized the flat’s interior with plenty of clean lines, white craft stone walls, light natural wood flooring and a surplus of soft white lighting common amongst contemporary Scandinavian homes. This inevitably made the 4-roomer appear much more spacious than it should be.

427 Yishun Ave 11 - 2

Smart storage solutions were cleverly deployed to guarantee an airiness which is typical for Scandinavian styled homes – A good example is the full height louvre door shoe cabinet at the living area. To highlight the wooden accent, you’d also notice there are no handles attached to all the cupboards and furniture in the house.

427 Yishun Ave 11 - 5

It’s an undisputed fact that HDB flats are starved of space, and for most flat owners, having an island in the kitchen space is simply a wish list. To further delight his client, Ron and his team gave ample attention to the kitchen and ingeniously created a fully functional kitchen with an island of course!

While most Scandinavian kitchens have a distinct modern feel, Ron decided to honour the owner’s love for Scandinavian heritage by giving it a stark white palette, and added simple touches of wooden tiles with patterned details to infuse personality and warmth.

427 Yishun Ave 11 - 6

“When the design for a house is done right, it strengthens a family’s togetherness.” says Ron, “As we hand it over upon completion and to see the happiness on a client’s face, this truly adds on to our job satisfaction.”

When the HDB flat renovation was completed, the result was a homely and captivating interior which flamboyantly exhibits Scandinavian and a tad of contemporary at times. To wrap things up, that’s another happy home owner for the multi-award interior design and renovation contractor firm.

427 Yishun Ave 11 - 7

JSR Design Works Pte Ltd is dedicated to create a unique lifestyle experience for our clients.

Being a full-service Design & Build professional firm and the proud recipient of a long list of notable awards, the firm’s ethos has always been to deliver inspirational interiors for the way the client wants to live in. Our focus is to understand and interpret the client’s lifestyle needs, thus delivering outstanding designs to reflect every client’s personality, tastes and aspirations.

Project Details

Location – Blk 427 Yishun Ave 11
Property Type – HDB 4-Room Resale
Floor Area – 1,100 sqft.
Project Type – Whole Unit
Cost – $60k
Client(s) – Evelyn Soh