687C Woodlands Drive

Achieving a good balance between small living spaces and a comfortable home is always tricky. With a rapidly growing population, new BTO HDB flats are becoming smaller and more expensive by the year.

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Not wanting to be constrained by space, Raymond and Estee made the decision to purchase a resale HDB 5-room flat to build their love nest instead. With a total floor area of 1,300 square feet, 3 bedrooms and a relatively spacious living room, the entire house is a perfect fit for both the cheerful white collared executives.

When they first sat down with the JSR Design team for an initial discussion, the couple came prepared with a list of requirements.

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With a penchant for curves and clean lines, Raymond presented the designs he had in mind for their new home, and wanted them to be adhered to a tee.

Comparing their resale property, Estee was impressed with her friend’s new BTO unit because all its wirings were neatly concealed – along with nicely flushed wall-mounted switches. She also made it known she wanted a clean, plush look for their home, and importantly, beautiful bathrooms. All these within a renovation budget of $50k.

In short, the team would have to perform an absolute make-over on the resale HDB flat and transform it into a lavish looking home, with relatively tight costings. Challenging…but to the team’s Creative Director – Ron Foo, he likens it to solving design problems creatively.

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To ascertain the clients’ character and taste, Ron and his designers began their signature ‘Designing with the Client’ sessions on subsequent meetings. Together with Raymond, Estee and his team, they explored many different design styles and finally received the highest approval for a modern contemporary design, with a sleek but mildly futuristic touch.

As the team got to know the couple better, they learned that Raymond has a fondness for grey shades and culinary. Noting down these preferences, Ron made sure they wasted no time to help realize their client’s dream home.

687c Woodlands dr bomb shelter facade

Rather than incurring unnecessary costs on hacking and replacing existing floor tiles in the house, the JSR Design team laid a new flooring over the old one instead. The substantial savings were thus channelled towards carpentry and other critical renovation works.

Next, the design team gave the living room a strong and swanky character. With a clever combination of neon lights, RGB lights and LED lights, it created stark-looking linear lines from the TV feature wall, up to the zig-zagged layered false ceiling, and seamlessly integrating the vibe onto the built-in bomb shelter. This ingeniously disguised the uninteresting area with an intriguing patterned façade.

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With the kitchen being tucked away from the living area, it gave the team more versatility from the design perspective. It also meant they could give this space a varying colour and design theme. Ron gave special considerations to its layout and functionality, such as the organization of kitchen cabinets, how doors opened, and the positioning of shelves.

Overall, the JSR Design team focused on recreating an impression of a largely expansive and minimalist interior, while incorporating a warm and sophisticated character. Simple finishes and smooth lines also gave the home a calm atmosphere contrasted with edgy, uniquely textured design accents.

687c Woodlands dr bathrooms

JSR Design Works Pte Ltd is dedicated to create a unique lifestyle experience for our clients.

Being a full-service Design & Build professional firm and the proud recipient of a long list of notable awards, the firm’s ethos has always been to deliver inspirational interiors for the way the client wants to live in. Our focus is to understand and interpret the client’s lifestyle needs, thus delivering outstanding designs to reflect every client’s personality, tastes and aspirations.

Project Details

Location – 687C Woodlands Drive
Property Type – Resale HDB 5-room
Floor Area – approximately 1,300sqf.
Project Type – Living Area & Master Bedroom
Renovation Cost – $55k
Client(s) – Raymond & Estee