LATITUDE @ River Valley

In true form and given their extended career backgrounds in China, both Mr Sum (a Business Consultant for MNCs) and his spouse, Madam Sylvia decided to make their 4-room condominium apartment at Jalan Mutiara, a tasteful gallery of Oriental artifacts.

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Of particular interest, the couple’s initial plan was only to perform a basic makeover of the unit and then put the apartment up for rent. However, things took a positive turn when the renovation works were completed. Together with their daughter and son, the owners loved the new look so much that they decided to keep the almost 3,000 square feet residence for themselves!

Having resided in China for many years and relocating back to Singapore, Sum and Sylvia shipped back a number of furnishings that hold nostalgic values for them – such as the dated round shaped display shelf for Chinese ornaments, the strikingly Chinese styled standing lamps and lanterns in the living room, and their bedroom furniture etc.

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To meet the client‘s requirements, Ron and his team infused an element of Oriental charm and a personalised environment into the apartment’s interior. To do this, they had to go through an arduous process of nit-picking precise carpentry works, laminates and wall paper designs to match the furniture, and then come up with a design to help both the owners materialize their dream home.

As the saying goes, great service and a flair for good taste is not an accident. It starts when you decide what kind of experience you want your customers to have, and that‘s exactly what the team from JSR Design & Renovation did for their client – who harbours a deep affection for the Chinese culture. It was undeniably taxing for the team, but it was worth every single bit of hard work as the results spoke for itself.

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In order to complement the theme, the enthusiastic couple even travelled to China to specially shop for oriental styled ceiling fans, lighting and Chinese patterned partitions to conceal those air-con ducts on the ceiling.

Every renovation project has its own set of challenges. Sum who is an avid Audiophile, has a prized set of audio speakers in the living area that Sylvia wants to conceal when not in use. Hence, the JSR Design team built a set of cabinets to accommodate them, and conceal them when they are not in use.

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That’s not all, the full height display cabinet at the living area was custom built with precision, so as to fit and display specific decorative ornaments, similar to how it would be in an art gallery. To achieve the same look and feel as the round marbled dining table, quartz material for the cabinetry at the dining area was also meticulously chosen.

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While undertaking the renovation works for the master bedroom, the design team also paid special attention to the choice of laminates, making sure they had the correct wood grain patterns and colour tones that will harmonise with the bed, its side tables and the study table. To break the monotonous mood, neutral coloured wall papers with paisley motifs and European accent wall lamps infused the room with a mild Victorian and Oriental fusion, reminiscent of a 1930s Shanghainese ambience décor.

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JSR Design Works Pte Ltd is dedicated to create a unique lifestyle experience for our clients.

Being a full-service Design & Build professional firm and the proud recipient of a long list of notable awards, the firm’s ethos has always been to deliver inspirational interiors for the way the client wants to live in. Our focus is to understand and interpret the client’s lifestyle needs, thus delivering outstanding designs to reflect every client’s personality, tastes and aspirations.

Project Details

Location – LATITUDE @ River Valley
Property Type – Condominium
Floor Area – Approximately 3,000 sqft.
Project Type – Living Area & Bedrooms
Cost – $80k
Client(s) – Sum and Sylvia