Savour The Modern Contemporary Design Style – The Palette

It’s not uncommon for misconceptions to occur when a handful homeowners think modern contemporary design styles for their homes.


But for Sharon Hoh, a Design Consultant with JSR Design & Renovation (who also happens to be an abstract artisan), the world of the modern contemporary is an invigorating yet, beautiful way of unfolding interior spaces that combines excitement, creativity and visual stimulation from a design perspective.

Responsible for the design and space planning of this condominium unit for owners Neha and Umesh, she took great pleasure in drawing from inspirations that comprised of opulence, contemporary and a touch ultra-modern elements. With $55k spent for the entire home renovation, the end result was a real awakening of senses that were both visually and aesthetically stunning!


What catches one’s eye are the clean interiors that are sleek, spacious and focus on functionality. Sharon used basic geometry in furniture and architecture. Pieces are uncluttered, built for economy of form, and to serve a purpose. Her style grew from the idea to build for function, and to embrace a blend of comfortable, liveable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh look and feel in plain view.

The owners are busy professionals who particularly love Sharon’s minimal decorating style since the space is easily kept clean without any knick-knacks or decorative ornaments to dust. Spur of the moment entertaining is also simple and quick.


One key challenge was the limited floor and storage space within the apartment. At the same time, Neha and Umesh wanted a big dining table for entertaining. Hence, Sharon and the JSR Design team custom-built a dining table that could be stored inside the cabinet when it is not in use. The hosts could also extend the table to a longer length when needed.


The use of contrasting black and whites, mirrors, accompanied with LED lights for its feature wall in the living area adds a ‘Bling Factor’ to the elegant ambiance. An abundance of built-in storage were also incorporated into the fixture in order to maximise floor space.


Many city dwellers are faced with a singular challenge, and that is how to create a functional yet tranquil space where one can pursuit work or learning within the home. With this in mind, Sharon designed a cosy study area in one of the smaller rooms, furnished with fabricated carpentry (complete with hidden storage), a bed for the occasional guest and showcasing a palette of brown and white shades.

Project Details

Location – 111 Pasir Ris Grove The Palette
Property Type – Condominium 3-room
Floor Area – 1,055 sqft
Project Type – Whole Unit
Cost – $55k
Client(s) – Neha & Umesh