The Origami Design and Resort Fusion Penthouse

Being busy professionals in the aerospace industry, Iris and Lam explored ways to save the hassle of designing their newly purchased penthouse home. The couple embarked on their quest to find an Interior Designer who would fit the bill but did not had much luck until they met Ron (Creative Director) from JSR Design Works Pte Ltd.

Like most homeowners, they were enthralled by a good number of interior design ideas but was not able to decide on a design they really like. After several meetings with the team from JSR Design, the couple was finally convinced that an ‘Origami Concept infused with Resort Fusion’ design theme fits both their lifestyle.

Designing the Penthouse


For a start, the homeowners were reluctant to move into their new property because they felt the spiral staircase was rather unstable. Hence, Ron and his team first strengthened the stairs with struts. To ‘cover up’ the strut fixtures, he applied a ‘crumpled’ paper origami concept. The same was then applied to the ceiling, the living area, dining area and study room in order to extend and reinforce the design theme.

Combining a truly unique origami ambiance with luxurious resort-style living, this sculptural collection of spaces depict an out-of-the-ordinary elegance. With its high-sloped double volume ceiling, Ron emphasized contrasts between the bright warm hues and textures with dark modern straight lines of both the origami-like ceiling and wooden fixtures, thus bringing out a truly inspiring sense of uniqueness and a resort style feel.


Bringing Nature into the Bedroom


As the master bedroom space was rather small, Ron had to put on his thinking cap in order to make it appear ‘bigger’. Hence, he proposed the use of mirrors (only 8 inches in depth) and projectors to create an undersea coral vignette that mimic flowing sea waves.

Ron also created a sky using murals and fibre-optic lights to represent blinking stars, and incorporated a mist-maker at the bed head to fabricate an almost natural ‘woodlands’ background. The client also specially selected a blending roller blind to complete the undersea theme. The entire feature allowed the owners to toggle between different light settings from warm ‘daylight’ to dark ‘night’ settings.


“I wanted to portray a modern take with an elegant, but soothing overall design character for my clients. The living and dining areas feature casual, modern furniture, with sleek and clean lines, so they could feel completely at home and seamless with a nature ambiance that surrounds them”, said Ron.




Space was a major challenge for this project. The team had to maximise space and create hidden storage spaces (they have no storerooms), and these were built within the spiral staircase. The team built a retractable desk in the study room so as to cater for a bed.

By creating a cosy feel combined with brightness and unique designs, it detracts people away from focusing on the tightness of space to an overall appreciation of the designs and ambience. The almost mystical nature ambiance within the master bedroom brings relief to the owner’s daily work stress.

The most challenging part of the entire project was fabricating the origami designs. Many changes had to be undertaken including certain areas which we need to redo in order to get the crumpled effect. However, the effort was well worth when visitors to the home were all impressed by the design and workmanship.

Project Details

Location – 29 Hertford Road
Property Type – Condo Penthouse – 3 Bedroom
Floor Area – 1100 approx. including balcony
Project Type – Whole Unit
Cost – $75k
Client(s) – Iris & Mr Lam