Top Budget-HDB Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Looking for a renovation contractor Singapore that fills your needs without bleeding you dry?
Want someone who will work with you to really make your house feel like a home?
Need a personal touch and attention to detail??
Welcome aboard!
We tick all your checkboxes and more!

But first, let’s figure out what you really want out of a contractor:

1. Fresh and Up to date: There’s no point in denying that any company that isn’t keeping up with the times is destined to fail. And you don’t want to give your home to such a company anyways. The company should not only be up to date with modern designs, but also the latest in project management, materials, and legal requirements and processes.

2. Service-oriented and caring: a home renovation project isn’t a small deal. You literally have to live with the output! So if the renovator doesn’t have a mentality of customer first, maybe you find to find someone else who does.

3. On-time and spot one! We all want the project to be completed on time, but we also want attention to detail. What that really means is that the renovator truly brings our vision to reality. Is that too much to ask? If you aren’t confident your renovator can at least deliver that, then look for someone better. [hint: we aren’t too bad, ourselves 😉 ]

4. Reasonable price and expertise in calculating expenses. Let’s be real for a minute, we all have a budget. And we want to be realistic about what we can and cannot get done in that budget. So our HDB home renovator in Singapore must be able to give us accurate quotes and estimates. What’s great is if we can get a free quote. But what is EVEN better is a budget calculator built into the website. Something like this truly shows that the company cares for its customers. And is invested in providing value to the customer even before he starts paying.

5. Portfolio with pictures: We can’t hand over our home to someone we don’t trust. One of the best ways to check if you can trust a service provider is through previous projects. If the company isn’t displaying their work, then they aren’t proud of it. And probably not worth your money.

6. Value versus cost: Here’s the bottom-line, we don’t just want all of the above, we want it at a price tag we can’t resist. We are putting in a lot of money and we want the value we get to surpass the amount we are paying upfront.

7. Future prospects: We can always decide to leave the house for another abode. We want a renovator to know what’s the market demand and what are common aesthetics and features we want to consider before starting the renovation. Nobody likes to keep a white elephant.
We recommend that you shouldn’t just go for the cheapest option. Always take time to compare your options and decide if the slightly expensive option is actually providing better value as well.

HDB renovation in Singapore

HDB renovation contractor in Singapore is a world of its own. Someone who doesn’t have experience with a couple of projects already is not whom you are looking for. Here’s why

Perspective: You want someone who already knows common pain points and WHY people are so concerned about certain functional features. So there are at least some things that you don’t have to explain.
Domain knowledge: You don’t want to have to explain to them how to do their job. This might be the case if they don’t have in-depth domain knowledge.
A personal touch: Your home should be a true reflection of who you are and how you want to live your life. Whether that’s calm and functional or extra and flashy, the renovator needs to spend time and effort and work to address your concerns and be mindful of what you want.
Award-winning: this is proof of excellence and obviously most firms don’t have this. But it just goes to show that the firm has the right designers with enough freedom to truly bring out the best design under time and budget constraints.

Home: Your Personal Abode

You want someone who understands the utility of a home. It’s not just a place you go to for sleep. It’s a major part of your life. You should at the least feel comfortable and at ease when there. With some smart design and the right renovator, you can get much, much more!
For example, Your home could be a place of relaxation and a reason for joy. The interior could “ just work “ and make you giddy inside at least initially when you move in and aren’t used to all of the features.
It could give you peace and inspiration. You could go to the nest room and be in a completely new place because the theme is different there.
Yes, you want an increase in property value by making a home that stands out, but it shouldn’t become so mundane that you don’t even enjoy living there.
Your living area should actually be inviting and your respite from your work life. Work-life balance doesn’t work if your home isn’t built around the idea.
One pro-tip is to have a really great kitchen and living area. That’s where most of the time is spent and that’s what needs to be perfect to really stand out and entice anyone to live there.
If you looking to renovate, let’s discuss it!